Can you get a visa for me?

Yes. We will tell you which documents to send us to start the application. First step is to apply for a “security code” from Immigration office in Iran. Once it’s issued then it will be submitted to the Embassy of Iran in Pretoria for a tourist visa which is usually valid for 30 days.

What sort of climate I should expect in Iran?

Iran is a four season country. In summer you can go swimming and chilling in the sun or pack your snowboard come winter.

What if your scheduled tours don’t fit my life?

Not a problem. Just tell us your preference and we work around that.

What languages are spoken in Iran?

Farsi is the official language and English is largely practiced specially among young people and in large cities.

What is the international airport in Tehran called?

IKA for short.

I like to arrive in style. Does IKA airport offer that service?

Absolutely, we can arrange that for you.

What is the currency in Iran?

It’s called “Rial” or “IRR” for short. In the recent years due to USA’s imposed sanctions against Iran​ credit and debit cards cannot be used, however there will be sufficient currency exchange outlets throughout large cities.

Do you offer private trips too?

Sure thing!

I can’t see the adventure I like among your tours.

We will do our best to make it happen for you.

Can I combine the tours I like?

No problem at all.

Where is the Start and Finish of your tours?

It will always be Tehran the capital unless otherwise is mentioned.

Any vaccinations are required?


How do I respect the Estate law in Iran?

As long as you are wearing full length pants/jeans and sleeves of your top cover half arms you’re fine. Women need to have a loose untied head scarf over their hair and a long enough shirt to reach the thighs (buttoned or unbuttoned). Uncovered feet and sandals are no problem. You’ll see that they have their own kind of street fashion as clear in the pictures below. Drinking alcohol is prohibited and liquor shops don’t exist.